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Avento Small Brown H831 x W1050 x D506

Avento Small Brown H831 x W1050 x D506

  • High quality and elegant - look and feel just like timber

  • Do not require painting or staining and do not corrode, rot or decay

  • Moisture, mould and termite resistant

  • Free standing

  • Designed to accommodate pipes in all directions

  • Easy to install and to remove for maintenance - no tools required


Made of an environmentally friendly timber alternative, our Wood Plastic Composite screens look and feel just like real timber but need far less maintenance and last far longer.  The screen requires no painting or staining and all hardware is rust proof. The colour is all the way through so any accidental scratches or stains can be sanded off.


Our Australian designed covers are the only products on the market that feature louvres with a 45 degree angle and larger gaps, ensuring adequate air circulation to protect the lifespan of your condenser.


Dimensions & Prices

Small $499

  • Internal: (H)791 x (W)970 x (D)470 mm
  • External: (H)831 x (W)1050 x (D) 506 mm

Medium $599

  • Internal: (H)960 x (W)1038 x (D) 506 mm
  • External: (H)1000 x (W)1118 x (D) 546 mm

Large $729

  • Internal: (H)1260 x (W)1038 x (D) 506 mm
  • External: (H)1300 x (W)1118 x (D) 546 mm



White, Brown & Charcoal Grey



Wood Plastic Composite, Marine Grade Stainless Steel screws & nails, Aluminium Reinforcement


Designed for Airflow

Widely spaced and angled louvres ensures that airflow is not restricted.  

  • Care Instructions

    The screens can be treated as you would timber.  They can be sanded in case of staining or scratching.  Power wash for a good clean.

  • Installation Instructions

    The three sides of the screen are hinged.  Open the hinged sides, place the screen into position around your outdoor air conditioning unit.  Place the lid on top of the three sided screen.  The Alumunium bar must face the back.  Screw the top to the base with the screws provided. Click here for installation diagram.

  • Safety Warning

    Serious or fatal crushing injuries can occur from furniture tip-over. To prevent this furniture from tipping over it must be permanently fixed to the wall.

    Fastening devices for the wall are not included since different wall materials require different types of fastening devices. Use fastening devices suitable for the walls in your home. For advice on suitable fastening devices, contact your local specialised dealer.

$499.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
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