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Air conditioner covers are an essential part of creating an outdoor area that's welcoming and enjoyable to be in. Australia's hot and lengthy summers drive many homeowners to rely heavily on air conditioning units to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. These appliances provide a cool, refreshing respite from the scorching heat, allowing individuals to remain productive and comfortable throughout the day. However, as much as air conditioners are a necessity during the sweltering months, they come with a downside - the unattractive condenser unit that is often installed on balconies or verandas.


The bulky and often unsightly outdoor units can negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of a home's exterior, disrupting its overall harmony and beauty. This is especially true for those who value curb appeal and take pride in the appearance of their homes. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: air conditioner covers. 

Our ac covers come in a wood composite material or aluminium finish. They are available in various colours and sizes to suit your needs.
By investing in an air conditioner screens, homeowners can effectively conceal the outdoor unit, creating a more visually appealing environment while still enjoying the benefits of air conditioning. 


Waterford 29 B.jpg

Wood Composite Horizontal Louvre Air Conditioner Cover



Wood Composite Vertical Louvre Air Conditioner Cover



Aluminium Horizontal Louvre Air Conditioner Cover



Aluminium Vertical Louvre Air Conditioner Cover


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Discontinued Harmony and Carousel

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